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Average rating of 4.89/5

“I have 6 pre approved clients that I can't get under contract because sellers aren't paying closing costs in this market and they don't have the money to pay them themselves.”

-Real Estate Agent, Ohio

"I don't have money to pay closing cost and moving expenses, and there isn't currently a lender out there that's able to really provide this assistance. This is so helpful and veterans can hopefully keep using CCH to take advantage of their VA benefits and get into a home of their own because of this service."

-Active Duty Home Buyer, Texas

"I spent my whole weekend with 3 guys. All submitted offers and by Sunday night, I heard back from every listing agent that they weren't paying closing costs. ClosingCostHelp saved these deals for these veteran borrowers and solves for this widespread barrier to entry by providing this financing help so often needed at the very last stages of the home buying process."

-Real Estate Agent, Virginia
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Close faster, with less stress.